Portland Family Photography: One-Year-Old Twins!

I know Jessica through our book club. She’s really nice and friendly, so I was excited when she asked me to photograph their family to celebrate their twins’ first birthday. And even better, her twins are only a couple months younger than my own. As if a family session isn’t fun enough, I get to hang out with twins?! Sign me up!

We wandered a loop at the Hoyt Arboretum, enjoying the greenery and sunshine. Jessica and Alan are wonderful parents–you can see for yourself the love and connection this family has for each other. Will and Emily are super adorable, as you can see. They are so, so sweet, they both have seriously gorgeous blue eyes, and I just loved photographing them!  They were 14 months old for our shoot, and just almost ready to walk on their own. (Which meant they couldn’t run away from me–bwahaha!) They were full of infectious smiles and personality–and they did an amazing job staying alert and happy throughout our shoot.

Since I have twins myself, I was very aware and careful to get similar shots of each baby–by themselves and with each parent. It’s really tough to get pictures of each parent with two babies on a regular basis, as I know all too well. So it’s a perfect set of shots to work in quickly to a family session!

This first pair of shots really makes me laugh–I think this is such a cute twist on the traditional newborn-in-a-basket that you see from studio photographers! And really, all these photos make me smile–looking at them again, I just want to hug them all. 🙂

twin one year olds in basketfamily portrait of twins

Can you believe they didn’t have any good photos of just the two of them to send to their families?! We made sure to take care of that. 🙂

Portland-Twins-Photography-06Portland-Twins-Photography-17twin toddlers bench portraitPortland-Twins-Photography-15

Babies in hats!! Always a winner!one year olds portrait

…Followed, of course, by fighting over one of the hats. Being a twin means always stealing something from your sibling, or trying to prevent your sibling from stealing from you. I figure it just means that eventually, they’ll be more patient and better at sharing than singletons!

twins with hatPortland-Twins-Photography-11Portland-Twins-Photography-09twins with mothertwins with father

toddler twinstwins tossed in the airtoddler boy with mother

Toddler girl with fathertoddler boy with mother

What a fun session! Thank you so much for allowing me to hang out with you and capture your lovely family!

  • August 6, 2014 - 11:47 am

    Dani Schaefer - These are some of the best family photos I have seen of twins. They capture the joy and fun this family is having together. Excellent!ReplyCancel