Hi, I’m Julie. I specialize in creative fine art portraiture. I have so many ideas and visions that I want to create. A mentor recently called my style a little bit dark and a little bit weird, and that felt pretty right. 🙂 I work with a lot of women, and often use nature or books as inspiration. I take a lot of self-portraits and do a lot of hairflips. I’ve been a photographer since 2010, focusing (haha) on portraits.

hairflip self portrait

I grew up in the Seattle suburbs, spent eight years in New York City working in education, and then moved here to Portland with my husband and twin boys (they’re almost 7).

Learn where my business name comes from here. I love getting out of town: I’ve visited 29 states, and 14 countries on three continents. After my camera, my passport is one of my favorite accessories. (Sadly, it’s been gathering dust since I had those babies…) But I love exploring closer to home, too.