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 Hi, I’m Julie! I love to travel and I LOVE to photograph people. I’m a full-service lifestyle family photographer because I believe everyone deserves beautiful images of themselves and their family, and though I love digital, I also want everyone to have gorgeous physical prints up on their walls.

Photo courtesy of Aaron Courter Photography

Photo courtesy of Aaron Courter Photography

You are:

A mom of small kids, who has an endless to-do list.

Therefore you’re excited and relieved to have a full-service photography experience, because you value the time and relationship that we create.

You love the ease of digital communication, but you appreciate the pleasure and efficiency of “old-fashioned” face-to-face interaction as well.

You realize that time moves quickly and your littles change all the time! It’s important to capture them right now, not at some prescribed “best” time. Any time is the best time. 🙂

You love taking photos of your children with your smartphone, but you want high-quality images too, to round out their photographic history and legacy.

You know how very important it is that you be *in* the photos with your precious kiddos!

You have space in your home to hang your beautiful images.

Things You Should Know About Me:

I’ve been a photographer since 2009 and I’ve been specializing in portraits since 2010.

I love playing with and photographing babies, toddlers, and little kids.

My husband and I live in Southeast Portland with our twin toddlers.

I want to rid the world of car selfie profile pictures, one quality portrait at a time. 🙂

I believe that whoever you are, you deserve gorgeous, authentic photographs of you right now. Because everyone — yes, everyone — is photogenic.

What you need to know about our session:

Everything before, during, and after the session is geared to make things easy for you.

I’m going to help you look your best. Genuine smiles are always flattering!

In our session, we’ll do a mix of posed and candid shots. In your final gallery of images, you’ll see some photos that others might think are ‘outtakes’ – brothers goofing off, funny faces on the baby – because those are the images that really tell the story of who your family is, right now.

I taught in New York City for six years (mostly middle school English), and I have twin boys who are three years old. So don’t worry; nothing’s going to faze me. 🙂

Why photography?

Photography has always been really important to me as a person, and especially now as a mama — photographs freeze time and link us to specific times, places, and people. A good photograph with a loved one is just priceless: Think about your children in the year 2046, pulling out a framed photograph of the whole family in 2016, where you’re happy and smiling and together. I believe strongly in capturing life and my own family, so naturally I would love to capture your family too!

Next, take a look at the GALLERIES or the FAQ to learn more about my photography.

Why “Traveling Julie”?

{Learn where my business name comes from!} I love getting out of town: I’ve visited 29 states, and 14 countries on three continents. After my camera, my passport is one of my favorite accessories. (Sadly, it’s been gathering dust since I had those babies…) But I love exploring closer to home, too. Everything can be an adventure! Take a look at some of my favorite travel/on-location photos:


How and why did I become a people photographer?

I’ve been taking a photo a day since March 2007.  That means it’s been almost nine years and over 3200 days in a row! (The first three years were a self-portrait a day, then I moved to “just” a photo a day.) As I took more and more photographs, I naturally got to know more about photography and cameras, and what I wanted to achieve with them. As my technical knowledge grew, I realized that my favorite kinds of sessions  were looking for those candid, true moments showing the subjects’ true characters and selves. Since 2010, I’ve focused solely on lifestyle portraiture, where the purpose of the session is capturing exactly who you are, inside and outside.

You can see a selection of my favorite self-portraits from the past few years below. Some are serious and artistic, and some are silly. I am a big believer in having fun with photography! I might ask you and your kids to do something ridiculous–you’ve been warned. 🙂


Next, take a look at the GALLERIES or the FAQ to learn more about my photography.