It’s that time of year again! The leaves have really started turning colors and I am excited for them to be bright and colorful everywhere!

To celebrate fall and the advance of the busy holiday season, I’ve scheduled mini sessions for Saturday, October 20, at Mt Tabor in SE Portland. I’ve got morning sessions open for now, and if they fill up I’ll add some afternoon spots as well.

You can book your spot right here! If you have any questions, feel free to email me at




In late August, I took a class about street portraiture! I love taking classes and workshops, I’m interested in street photography, and of course I always love portraits. I was surprised at how nervous I was, though! I’m plenty used to going out and about with a client and directing them. I’m also fairly okay with trying to capture totally candid street photos where I don’t talk to the person/people in the frame. However, approaching someone on purpose and asking them for a photo made me very nervous and skittish! I paired up with another participant and that made it a lot easier. I ended up photographing five people (as well as two people in the class), and I am really happy with how they turned out!

portland street portrait portrait with stair railing portrait in garden gate portrait with guitar portrait with graffiti street portrait with book portrait with mural portrait with mural portland street portrait


This Grotto family photography session was a new one for me, and a lot of fun! I hadn’t been there before–it’s got a little system of trails at the top of the big hill, with all kinds of plant life, statues, fountains, ponds, and more. It’s lovely and very calm among the tall trees. It had been a rainy week, so we were a little nervous. Luckily, the rain held out until the end of our session!

This was a very stylish family–I loved little E’s fedora! He had a great time exploring and playing, especially when we came across the labyrinth. He had a *blast* running in circles around that. 🙂 I love how little kids play with such simple hearts. E’s mom brought the Max costume that she had handmade, so we could do a few photos of E in it. Oh my goodness, it was too, too adorable!