Griffin was turning six months old, and Natalie was excited to have some family photos taken. We did this Tualatin family photography session at their beautiful home. We started in his adorable bedroom and then moved to their living room.

Little Griffin was so curious and fascinated by my big loud camera. Just about every time I clicked the shutter he turned those big blue eyes on me. He was so interested! He was such a happy baby and full of smiles though so it wasn’t a bad thing at all.

This family loves all things Disney. It was coming up on Halloween and so we made sure to dress up baby Griffin in his Mickey Mouse costume. Look how sweet and adorable he is!




You may know that I’m a little obsessed with photography and photos–as a person, not just as a photographer!

We all take a lot of photos of our lives–which is a very good thing. But what happens to all those pictures once you take them? Here are four things that I think are super important for all of us to do:

–Get in the picture
–Back up your photos
–Organize your photos
–Print your photos!

So I want to hear from you:
Which ones are you doing well and feel confident with? (And do you have tips, apps, programs, etc to share with others?)
Which ones have you been meaning to work on…but haven’t been able to find the time to actually DO yet?
Is there one that you think is a bigger priority to you than the others?

These are topics I think about all the time, and do all the time, and want to talk about all the time. 🙂 So I’m going to keep you posted with updates, ideas, etc via my newsletter as well as on Facebook and Instagram. (Mostly on Facebook for the videos, probably.)

Leave a comment and tell me your thoughts, reactions, ideas, and what you could use some help and inspiration with!


This beautiful family of six has become a family of eight!  This Colton Red Thread adoption session was at Christian & Liz’s small family farm outside Portland.  Liz and Christian and their four sons fostered two sisters for about a year and finally their adoption was complete. And to make it really “real”, what better way than to create family photos with all the children, so the girls know that they’re fully and permanently part of the family now. The house itself is a pride and joy–Christian has been working on it for years to make it just right for their family. Their farm has cows, chickens, a garden, and a forest with a stream. Not only that, they ALSO have a trampoline and two swings and a mega tree house! Can you imagine a more perfect place to grow up?! Does that not sound like kid paradise? They play outside all the time, soaking up the fresh air and animals and nature. I was enthralled being there, and a little jealous too. 🙂

I loved meeting this family. Liz may have a lot on her plate keeping up with six children, but it was clear that she loves all of them.  Both parents work hard every day for them to have a great life. I could tell how much they all loved each other. Congratulations on officially becoming a family! 

family on porch stepsfamily on porch swingkids on porch swing

couple at home
garden entrance sign

boy with chicken
boy with cow
kids climbing on trees
boy playing in creek
kids sitting on a log

mother and son on a tire swing

girl on a tire swing

sisters on a swing

little boy in a trampolinemother and daughter

little boy toes


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