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portland street portrait

Portland Street Portraits

In late August, I took a class about street portraiture! I love taking classes and workshops, I’m interested inView full post »

twin toddler family photography

Twin Toddlers At Home! Portland Family Photography

Did you know that twins are the actual best? 🙂 I love twins, I love photographing families, and believe it or not, IView full post »

portland family portrait

Hillsboro Family Photography: Hannah’s Six Month Portraits

Check out this lovely family! Brittney and Dave wanted to do a family session with their daughter Hannah, for her sixView full post »

Portland Family Photography: Sweet Tiny Twins!

In-home photo session of 6-week-old twin baby girls.View full post »

Portland Family Photography: Tommy!

Natural in-home lifestyle photography session of 8 month old baby boy and parents.View full post »

Portland Family Photography: Olga

Outdoor family photography session in Hillsboro, ORView full post »

NYC Senior Portrait Photographer: Battery Park Friend Session

This was a really fun shoot for me. These two girls, M and M, were my students six years ago, when I was teaching sixthView full post »

New York City Family Photography: Baby Julian

Roosevelt Island family photo session with 6 month old babyView full post »

NYC Newborn Photographer

After two weekends on a non-photography business trip, it was fun to get back to the hospital for more baby time! ThisView full post »

NYC Portrait Photographer: Felicity-style

Candid portrait session in New York CityView full post »

Irene: Outside, Inside

Well, Tropical Storm Irene “hit” New  York City and didn’t do too much in Brooklyn. We went out forView full post »

New York City Portrait Photographer: Before and After

Meet my friend L! She moved abroad last year, but is back in New York for the summer, which is great! SinceView full post »

Gay Pride Parade 2011

I stopped by the Pride Parade today! What a perfect day for it–everyone was so thrilled that New Yorkers finallyView full post »

NYC Author Photographer: Bob

Headshot/portrait session in BrooklynView full post »

NYC Headshot Photographer: Stefan

Stefan is a young actor just getting started and wanted a new set of headshots, so we met up in Central Park last monthView full post »